PLP Atelier
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Tipología: Experimental / Modular
Emplazamiento: Sin localización especifica
Fotografía: PLP Atelier
Año: 2012

Human beings rational thought allows the ability to reflect, which is frequently put aside by a society like ours that tends to develop a frenetic day-to-day and thus consider reflection as a sort of unnecessary luxury. This work is an attempt to create a place unconnected with that ecosystem: a place where one can find his thoughts as his only mates, being able to rationally analyze one’s own path in life.

The aim of this project is to create a simple and elegant space whose shape, instead of demanding attention, contributes to self-discovery allowing feelings to emerge in a natural way. We try to achieve the ideal of the viewfinder: a living space that, acting as a camera rather than as a stage, provides perspectives of the outer world only possible to be found when forgetting about the context.

Furthermore, every line of vision is neither studied in an independent way, but considering each one of the multiple positions that the body can adopt within this little space. The combination of these two premises defines the shape of the refuge.

In addition, the third consideration we have kept in mind deals with the climate control on the basis of a better respect for the environment. In this particular project we have adopted certain easy to apply bioclimatic strategies, that we will explain later, among which we can find vegetal ceilings, thermal vegetation, air circulation spaces, exploitation of the thermal inertia of the ground…

Last but not least, we have to talk about the site. Instead of thinking of a specific location, we have conceived this project as a group of units and measurements that can be adapted to different contexts. Considering the current continuous climate and weather changes this design is ready to be placed in very different locations, such as:

– On firm ground (taking benefit from the thermal inertia of the ground)

– On top of little pillars, hidden by the own casing of the structure

– Floating over water, thanks to little air tanks (a sort of “swimmies” that bear the weight of the building).