Vivienda B2. Santiago de Compostela


Project: B2 Apartment

Location: Santiago de Compostela, Galicia

Photography: Javier López Prol

Year: 2015 | PLP Atelier®

Once more, we aim to refurbish a two-floor penthouse which will be a new version of the previously carried out  B1.

In this case we find a slightly bigger area, although we have a more restrictive distribution, where the most difficult parts to work with are the entrance and the kitchen, as well as structural elements and equipments that go through the apartment from bottom to top by means of critical points which we are forced to observe.

This is the reason why we began to conceive the project around this essential issue. In the previous state we find an opaque wall in front of the entrance which leaves for the kitchen a narrow L-shape corridor only accessible by the end of its large side. Our idea tends towards the opposite: we cover that large side at weist height, allowing the upper side to be linked to the living room, placing the range hood in that shaft. At the same time, the wall which separates the kitchen and the entrance is cut and gets a folding table inserted, leaving the access to the kitchen just in front of the door and joining those two areas. Finally, we close the small side of this L-shape space with a sliding door setting it up for pantry and washing machine.

The living room area and a double-floor office begins here, joining together the public uses of the apartment. Private areas are located in the other side of the splitting wall, where by means of a central corridor that ends in a little balcony we can access the two bedrooms and a ground floor bathroom. In the upper floor, another bedroom with toilet and dressing room.

The stairs have a key role and although their first part recalls the Zig-Zag stairs of project B1, they have a different configuration, given that in this case we have a bit more of space in the living room, which allows us to lengthen the stairs up to the perpendicular wall and to link them to the landing, in which the wood used in that area is taken by the steps themselves, while the remaining supporting structure is made of steel, as well as the banister embeded into the wall.

Main color keeps being white, combined at certain points with light grey, wood and splinters of glass that were also used in the previous project.

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