SUPER HUMERUS GIGANTIS. Santiago de Compostela

Rúa Caramoniña

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·Urban development of the surroundings of Rúa Caramoniña
·Rehabilitation of ruined Buildings
·Housing for students and Artist
·Multipurpose workshops

Location: Santiago de Compostela, Galicia

Category: Competition

Year: 2020   |  PLP Atelier®

Pablo López Prol | Diego Rodríguez Val | Cristian Andrade Pereira


Under the title ‘SUPER HUMERUS GIGANTIS’ (on giants’ shoulders), we present this intervention proposal for Santiago de Compostela. It is located in the surrondings of San Domingos de Bonaval, and contiguous to architectural elements of great relevance for the city, such as the Galician Center of Contemporary Art and the Museum of the Galician People.
Under the shades of the Bonaval park walls, there is a small forgotten path, where a handful of ruined constructions camouflage among the pronounced topographical features and the fledgling weeds.

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The intervention aims at revitalizing the area causing a positive impact in the community as a whole, but without altering its cultural landscape. For this reason, the main premises are the adaptation to the context and the respect to the traditional local architecture.

4_Residencia Estudiantes

The challenge resides in presenting an integrated plan complementing the urban with the architectural solution. The project improves the accessibility through two interventions that allow connection with the old town on the one hand, and with Bonaval park on the other hand. This improves the permeability between these relevant locations for both residents and visitors.

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We propose versatile solutions for the distribution of the needs program. In this way, the rooms may have multiple uses thus improving the use efficiency of the available space.


Both students’ and artists’ dwellings are located in the area of Caramoniña orchards. Although they are separated from each other, there are common leisure and relationship spaces both in the interior and exterior areas. Finally, the workshop and other work spaces are located in the independent building located in the entrance of the park. This the ideal place to locate the working facilities given its independence and easy accessibility.The ultimate goal of the project is improve the sustainability and social integration of this area with the town as a whole.

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