Porche Ceboliño


Project: “Ceboliño” Porch

Location: Ourense, Spain

Photography: Javier López Prol

Year: 2014   |  PLP Atelier®

Project for a gambrel roof framed-structure attached to a preexistent building in Ceboliño (Ourense).

The aim is to cover one the entrances to the house, specifically that one that communicates with the larder and fireplace. We intend two things: on the one hand, creating a roof covered space to act as porch and to be linked to a close located barbecue; on the other hand, to avoid water leakages caused by rain keep increasing the damp spots that had begun to appear in the lower  floor, where there are a swimming-pool area and bathrooms.


In this case, when the client ask for an opinion to the studio, he brings with himself a different proposal to build a porch that seems to be unaware of the structure over which it has to be settled, considering that doubles the vertical loads and places them in the end of the projection, compromising the stability of the whole structure.

After careful examination, we detect that the only part that can be used to hold the weight of the project is a large concrete beam that crosses the whole structure. We also carry out the necessary analysis to understand the environment, isolating the most important components, as the entry-door to the larder and the corbels of the stone balcony placed over them.

First of all, we separate the supporting structure of the mentioned balcony to avoid it to carry any weight. This space is covered by a piece of glass that allows light entrance into the covered door without impeding the visibility of the corbels.

By means of two transverse beams the load is carried to four different points: two of them inserted into the wall of the building itself and the other two into what we will call “Y” pillars because of their shape. This is not an arbitrary shape, in fact it is much more important that it seems according to the weakness of the structure we have just described. What these pillars make if to support the structure in two different points of the beam the knot and the projection), reducing the distance between the supports and transferring them in turn to a single point in the beam.

This complex chestnut wood framework ends with a last support part in the back part of the structure. Finally, to link permanently this area with the barbecue space we design a made to measure piece of COR-TEN steel and splinter of glass acting as a skylight that links the two roofs.


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