TOT AL VUIT. Palma de Mallorca

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Project: Insòlit Festival TOT AL VUIT. Palma de Mallorca.

Location: Can Bordils, Palma De Mallorca.

Category: Competition. Ephemeral Architecture.

Year: 2017   |   PLP Atelier®

Proposal to the Insòlit Festival of ephemeral interventions in the patios of Palma de Mallorca from July 12 to 16, 2017.


8 are the columns of the courtyard of Can Bordils

8 are the number of sides each of them has

As 8 sides they have each of the cardboard cases where ‘ensaimadas’ are packaged

The aim of this installation is to create new columns similar to the existing ones but by means of two different methods:

First one, through all the days that the event last 8 wires will link each column to the opposite one. It is a sort of geometrical game to create, from a conceptual point of view, a new column in the centre of the courtyard, as a result of the wires crossing and inspired but the existing pavement.

Second one, an itinerant one so to speak, will be developed by the interaction of the visitors. Based on little pedestals made of ‘ensaimadas’ boxes, cement and steel bars displayed in a vertical way, each user entering the installation will get a cardboard box of 8 sides with a central hole which he will use to fit the the case into the vertical steel bar. In order to make this task easier all the pedestals will be close to the stairs of the courtyard, allowing the visitors to gain height as they are creating a bigger column. Public will also be encouraged to write a sentence in each of the cases, being those sentences recorded to complete the installation.


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