Europan 12 _ Porto Brandão. Lisboa

EUROPAN 12 _ Porto Brandão

Regeneração de tecidos Project developed  with  Mariano Casado Mansilla

Porto Brandão is a town in the parish of Caparica, with excellent strategic location, bathed by the River Tajo and connected to Belém (Lisbon) through a ferry service. Located in a privileged area, Porto Brandão currently suffers a significant deterioration with important buildings with large percentage of abandonment. Differents factors as poor connectivity, low quality of the connections, emigration, bad quality image or social inactivity have created a slow deterioration and a waste of resources in the area. The aim of the project is converting Porto Brandão in a young and an alive town using the university life and its context, creating flexible spaces and exploiding the area resources and emphasizing the line coast with a programmatic restructuration. Taking advantage of the proximity of the University of Caparica, the project aims to use university life and its context as social and economic enhacer to regenerate the area and converting Porto Brandão in a young and an alive town. It tries to figuer out the economic and social regeneration enhancing production sectors and activating certain social factors, taking the young people as one of the most important social enhacers.  It tries to regenerate the entire coastal area creating different social nodes to activate the area. A premise of the project is to reuse and regenerate abandoned and dilapidated buildings for new use.  It tries to regenerate the entire coastal area providing it of different uses of leisure, tourism and fishing, creating a promenade that unifies everything. Creation and regeneration of flexible spaces for different uses is extremely important for the project, with special interest in the facade walkways renovation and   to enhance the image of the area.

There are several points of interest connected for different green routes linking nice spaces like Lazareto and Torre Velha with a good access for the people intervening in cultural and social context. In terms of connectivity, the project orders the traffic and proposes a new access that connects Azinhaga Dos Fornozinhos . It reorders the parking system and proposes a shuttle service connecting the town with the university with two stops, one at the beach and another one at the beginning of the village. The ferry connection icrease with a new line to Cacilhas.


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