‘Vilouriz’ Porch


Project: Vilouriz ‘Porch’

Location: Loña do Monte, Ourense, Spain

Status: Unbuilt

 Year: 2015   |   PLP Atelier®

Project for a flat roof framed-structure attached to a preexisting building in Loña do Monte (Ourense).



The design is deeply influenced by the preexisting building given that the new structure has to be fully integrated in order not to attract attention.

The porch is thought as the continuation of the preexisting building by means of two parallel planes. The first one is raised over the floor to match the height of the ground floor of the house, with the double aim of creating visual continuity while preventing land humidity to affect the structure. The second one is raised to match the next forge of the house, making it easier to build the structure and allowing to place the pillars only in the exterior part of the building.

The flat roof contrasts with the huge inclination of the original roof and tries to respect as much as possible the existing vains in the facade. At the same time, when choosing the materials for the structure, we have used a paint color that is very similar to the slate of the roof.

Besides the main access from the interior of the house, there are three other accessess in the garden, as well as two different spaces in the structure: the interior one is surrounded by foldable glasses and the exterior one is acting as an East-oriented terrace, that tries to get as much light as possible during the sunrise. Finally, given that the opposite space is South-oriented, we have installed foldable curtains that help the surrounding vegetation to ration the sunlight along the year.


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