Turntable Furniture


Project: Turntable furniture

Area: Design

Category: Adaptable furniture

Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez

 Year: 2015   |  PLP Atelier®

Piece of furniture designed for ‘Sto. Domingo apartment’ project as partition wall and bookcase. It is placed between two rooms and can be turned on its axis to perform its function for this two spaces or to connect them both.


Its most important function is to be able to add a volume to the main bedroom when the contiguous room is not being used, acting as an office or as a second bedroom if needed.

One of its two faces serves as shelves while the other has two drawers and room for a TV. The wires can be hidden using the axis of the structure, a metal cylinder anchored to the forge that allows the 360º turn (that can be locked at any point using a latch) by means of a industrial bearing.

With this design we avoid building a partition wall, therefore obtaining 10 extra centimeters.

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