Corporate Image Design. CODE Dental


Project: Corporate image CODE Dental

Area: Design

Category: Graphic design

Fotografía: Héctor Santos-Díez

Año: 2016   |  PLP Atelier®


Both thecorporate image  design and the architectural project have jointly evolved at  CODE Dental Clinic. Color is the starting point of this project.


Its developer wants to make it a key aspect of the new design, so we study all the colors used in the original clinic organization chart and we propose a new color palette. This new spectrum will be used to create a new logo, new signage and new unfiroms.

Copia_de_seguridad_de_tarjetas visita code 2000uds RECTIFICADAS.

To achieve a good result we have decided to use the color in a very controlled way, avoiding it to be invasive and creating nice effects in contrast to the dominant white. It needs to have a function and not being strictly decorative, it has to help to create the different spaces.


A good example of this are the two lines that go across the corridor changing their shade indicate the different rooms’ uses.

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