‘BETTY’ Table


Project: ‘BETTY’ Table

Area: Design

Category: Adaptable furniture

Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez

 Year: 2015   | PLP Atelier®

 Piece of furniture belonging to the project ‘Sto. Domingo apartment’.


Dining table thought to adapt itself to the number of dinner guests by means of increasing or decreasing its size.

The ensamble is formed by two tables of the same width that can be joined longitudinally despite their different lenght (one of them being two times larger than the other) and four seats of different sizes that allow one to eight people to be sat comfortably.

The adjacent piece of furniture, used to store dining room equipment, is designed to be able to contain the whole dining set when is not used, leaving the room completely free.

In order to make easier the movement of the different pieces every rear leg of the furniture is bevelled and small wheels are placed inside them to allow effortless movement.

5_Patas mesaPISO STO DOMINGO01_GIF-salón


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